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Why MemoryPC

We love your PC!

Sounds strange, but it's meant that way. Because every Memory PC system is crafted by our employees as if it were for themselves. This is how we work every day with dedication, passion, and boundless enthusiasm on our customers' orders. But that's not the only reason why you should choose Memory PC for PC systems.

Premium PC Systems made in Germany

Memory PCs are Made in Germany - assembled in Germany and tested in Germany - to be precise, in beautiful Friesland. Our well-trained team works exemplary every day to ensure that you receive your very own PC perfectly at home.

Preliminary exchange without long waiting time

Preliminary exchange of defective PC components in case of service. We send you a free replacement component in advance, you install it, and if everything works, you send us the defective component free of charge. Fast processing guaranteed!

Advanced Burn-In Stress Test

Each Memory PC system is individually crafted according to customer preference, tested, and then subjected to an extensive testing procedure. Through hours of stress tests, we ensure that your PC system works stably, efficiently, and reliably.

Comprehensive PC Configurator

Our PC configurator offers a wide range of hardware options tailored to the needs of different users. Whether you need a Gaming PC, an Office Computer, or a Media PC, we have you covered.

Leading by example, a heart for the environment.

Production with green energy, that's what we stand for at Memory PC. By using green energy, we can contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and thus make a contribution to climate protection.

Over 200,000 satisfied customers

With more than 200,000 satisfied customers, Memory PC is a trusted brand in the field of computer technology. We stand for reliability, outstanding products, and excellent customer service.

Over 15 years of experience

With over 15 years of experience, Memory PC is a leading manufacturer of individually configurable PCs and Gaming PCs. Our long-standing expertise is reflected in high-quality products based on innovative technologies and premium components. We are proud to offer our customers customized solutions and exceed their expectations through excellent customer service. Our focus on quality, performance, and continuous development makes us a reliable partner for demanding requirements in the industry.

Quality & Innovation

Memory PC combines quality and innovation in the production of Gaming PCs and Custom PCs. Our products are characterized by carefully selected, high-quality components that undergo rigorous testing. This ensures not only powerful and reliable PCs, but also the continuous integration of innovative technologies for an optimal gaming experience. At Memory PC, customers invest not only in products but also in the future of their gaming worlds.

Think Green!

Leading by green example, a heart for the environment. As the first German system integrator, we are proud to reduce our ecological footprint and make a significant contribution to climate protection by using solar energy. Solar energy is obtained through solar cells on the roof of the company building. This environmentally friendly energy source is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and helps reduce CO2 emissions. Big THANK YOU to the company NORDCONCEPT for the complete implementation of the entire project!

All Your Benefits at a Glance

play ready systems

Unpack and start playing immediately

top pc configurator

With versatile selection

expert manufacturing

Unpack and start playing immediately


Provided by qualified professionals


For a stable PC system


Of defective hardware


With special system packaging


On all items in the shop

24 Months full manufacturer's warranty

Extendable to 36 months

Transparent and fast delivery time

For all products in the shop

Your PC is our passion!

Experience Gaming PCs on a new level! Our video showcases our passion for water-cooled PCs. At Memory PC, we combine attention to detail with technical expertise to create unique systems. Dive in and discover the future of gaming!

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